Samsung Series 9 Ivy Bridge

Samsung Series 9 Ivy Bridge Info

When you are in a search for mild and thin laptop, then Samsung sequence 9 ivy bridge notebooks must be the one for you. It is a light notebook that weighs 1.2 kilogram. Despite of the fact that is light in weight, it is made up of a durable material particularly aluminum. You can assume that what you see is more than what you get. It is packed with many good capabilities. Aside from that, it is relaxed to use. It is packed with a superb screen. It runs in an Intel Ivy Bridge CPU which is recognized to supply a performance that you can use for office purposes and the like. It is available at 13.3 inches and 15 inches. Aside from that, it also has a key component of keyboard, wires, battery, fans, motherboard, and LCD panel.

In addition, it has 6 cell kind of battery life that runs for a 40 Watt hour rating. With this kind of battery life, you will be able to enable Wi-Fi connections, loop an Xvid encoded video, maximize the brightness of the screen and be able to disable the power management which can last at the most for 3 hrs and 39 minutes long. The samsung series 9 Ivy bridge has a technical specs of RAM size of 4 gigabytes, uses an Intel Core i5 as its processor type, integrated camera which uses a 1.3 MP HD digicam and a processor speed of 1.6 giga hertz. It also has a superspeed USB port, DC socket, gigabyte Ethernet network port and micro HDMI port. Another characteristic of Samsung series 9 ivy bridge pocket book is that it has a flat keyboard with spaced button. With such characteristic, you are able to use it easily in highlight-weighting of the text and the like. Another function is that it has a brightest display which has the ability to stream 1080p video that is attached to TV or an exterior monitor. Despite its small and thin size, a third astounding function of this notebook is that it has a loud volume. It also has a stylish backlight-weight that displays a shade and subtle hue of green. Its intensity is classified under four levels and automatically happens on especially when its detector is able to detect that the lgting is not adequate. It has a packed ambient light sensor to do such work.

With these functions and standard classification, this 2012 version made by Samsung which is known as samsung series 9 ivy bridge notebook is thin, portable, and effective despite its size. It's the perfect description of useful, user friendly and stylish notebook that has an exceptional performance which you can use anytime, wherever and be able to do many items. It is the high end pocket book that is good for investment. You can get a hold of this pocket book for approximately about 1,400 US Dollars. It is pricing is ideal for the many functions that it gives you. You can never go wrong when you have this type of Samsung notebook laptop.

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